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The Government of India has taken an initiative to establish Science & Technology (S&T) clusters in various cities countrywide by integrating several stakeholders to address the prevailing socio-economic problems of a respective city. In an attempt to provide a better livelihood for the common people, the PSA Office has taken such an endeavour by sprucing the infrastructural terrains of science and technology.

Delhi Science and Technology Cluster, named DELHI RESEARCH IMPLEMENTATION AND INNOVATION (DRIIV) is being coordinated by IIT Delhi. The philosophy stems from the understanding that virtual and seamless connectivity among academia, R&D laboratories, industries and government agencies located in the geographic proximity of a particular city, would encourage focused education, research and innovation. This kind of hybridization will ultimately redefine the concept of science and technology beyond their utilitarian definition. The cluster will also provide a platform for knowledge exchange amongst human capital from different institutes towards development of better scientific solutions by bringing scientific equipment intensive labs together with human capital rich academic institutes and an application platform for the masses through the industries.

The Delhi S&T Cluster or DRIIV has been started with the support of the office of PSA, Govt. of India. and IIT Delhi as the nodal institute. Nearly 30 other institutions (Academic, Governmental and Industrial Organizations) are already involved in this cluster which is anticipated to grow further. A seed grant based on a proposal combining six verticals which involve key challenges of Delhi-NCR (Solid waste management, Water Security, Air Pollution, Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning in Healthcare, Sustainable Mobility and Effective Education,) has been sanctioned by the PSA. An Apex Committee has been setup to monitor & review such clusters with Dr Vinod Paul (Vice Chairman of Niti Aayog) as Chairman. The seed cluster will eventually graduate to a large Mega cluster (with a CEO and appropriate administrative set up) and a formal announcement regarding call for proposals from institutions is expected in March - April 2021.

Scientists, engineers, policy makers, Government bodies and industries are encouraged to come forward with problem-solving technologies for Delhi / NCR and the DRIIV office together with the O/o PSA will look for possible sources of funding (Government & Private). According to the PSA Office, such efforts will be greatly appreciated by them.

Prof V Ramgopal Rao

From The Principal Investigator’s (Prof V Ramgopal Rao, Director, IITD) desk

Over the past 5 years IIT Delhi has taken major steps to connect with other leading institutions in Delhi for structured collaborations. We have signed institutional MoUs with NII, AIIA, AIIMS, ILBS, RCB and a few others. These collaborations were funded by internal funds. DRIIV takes this to the next level and provides a platform for all the academic institutions in Delhi to connect with each other and work collectively in finding solutions to problems around us. As our Honorable PM said recently, Science is global, but technologies are local.

Prof Ashok K Ganguli

Coordinator’s (Prof Ashok K Ganguli, DDSP, IITD) message

We would like to call out to the all relevant stakeholders to approach us with their ideas and suggestions. The main objective should be to solve the problems of the city Delhi and the neighbouring areas, like, Gurugram, Sonipat, Faridabad etc by means of integrative and design oriented approaches. We believe that focusing on interdisciplinary approach and having one platform to guide urban development with cultural and civic significance can be hugely advantageous. With the scientists, technologists and industries working together to provide tangible solutions of common environmental and societal issues and the Government Bodies implementing the solutions, we, the people, will achieve a better livelihood.