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Our motive is to help the poor, helpless and orphan children all over the world.

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The research themes selected in the first phase of the cluster formation are of enormous environmental and social relevance to Delhi, and India at large. Delhi is dealing with severe environmental problems with increasing stress on basic natural resources like air, water, and land. Air quality levels in Delhi are among the worst in the world. There is a year-round problem of water shortage in certain regions of Delhi/NCR. We also have huge land fill sites where the solid waste is continuously expanding in size. Three of the themes for the cluster are selected to address these environmental issues. To cope up with the ever-increasing population of Delhi, basic infrastructures of service sectors require to meet the demand of public, which is either inadequate or in desperate need to adapt to changing times. Providing a suitable solution to the prevailing perennial problem of traffic congestion of the city, can effectively lower the huge burden on the public transport system. The educational institutes of Delhi, while being the finest in the country, still need to develop mechanisms to grow premium human resources to meet the ever changing demands of the country. The healthcare system of the city, especially the government hospitals always suffers from being over populated. Keeping these in mind, the three services selected for the first phase of the study are public education, public transportation, and healthcare.