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Our motive is to help the poor, helpless and orphan children all over the world.

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Solid Waste Management
Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning in Healthcarey

Principal Investigators (PI)

Dr. Tavpritesh Sethi IIITD
Dr. Mitali Mukherji, IGIB
Dr. Jayadeva, IITD

Team Members

  • Dr Tavpritesh Sethi, IIITD (Team Lead)
  • Dr. Mitali Mukherji, CSIR-IGIB
  • Dr. Jayadeva, IITD
  • Dr. Anurag Agrawal, CSIR-IGIB
  • Dr. L. S. Shashidhara, Ashoka University
  • Dr. Alok Bhattacharya, Ashoka University
  • Dr. Sundar, IITD
  • Dr. Kedar Khare, IITD,
  • Dr. Ravikrishnan Elangovan, IITD
  • Dr. Ishaan Gupta, IITD
  • Dr.Vivekanandan Perumal, IITD
  • Dr. Ravi Kothari, Ashoka University
  • Dr. G. P. S. Raghava, IIITD
  • Dr. Gaurav Ahuja, IIITD
  • Dr. Debarka Sengupta,IIITD
  • Dr. R. Lodha, AIIMS
  • Dr.Vinod Scaria, CSIR-IGIB
  • Dr. Debasis Dash, CSIR-IGIB
  • Dr.A. Krishnamachari, JNU
  • Dr. Shandar Ahmad, JNU
  • Dr. Raghava Mutharaju, IIITD
  • Dr. Ponnurangam K, IIITD
  • Dr. Suneel Kateriya, JNU
  • Dr A. P. Pratosh, IITD
  • Dr Amit Singh, IITD
  • Dr Anup Mehndiratta, IITD

Proposed activities & Work phases:

  • Mapping and access to stakeholders within Delhi
  • Large scale diagnostics
  • Bio-data analysis and modelling
  • Vaccine development research
  • Policy and advocacy
  • Data architectures and digital health products
  • Infodemic management and social media research
  • Knowledge synthesis
  • Innovations in education and skilling for sustained multi-disciplinary engagement